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Priceless portraits put smiles on less fortunate

Check out the full article and video here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- DALLAS — It's hard to imagine that looking into a lens might be a luxury. "We have cameras in our pockets and in our purses," said photographer Taylor McCabe. "We can document things whenever we want and post them to Facebook when we get home. [...]

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5 Ways to Market Your H-P Event

On the heels of a successful Help-Portrait 2010, Leigh Caraccioli (@fleurdeleigh) of Dayton, Ohio, Help-Portrait has a few insights on how to market your Help-Portrait event to maximize its impact. Something magic happens when you set out to change the world one smile at a time. It's a magnetic force. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded, [...]

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“I See You” – The Inspiration Behind the Help-Portrait Song

We recently talked with songwriter Andy Davis about how the song for Help-Portrait came to be and what their hope for it is.

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Help-Portrait Sponsor Report Form

Sponsors need love, too.

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Your Stories From Around the World

Stories are pouring in and we can't wait to share them. We will be posting as they become available. New Orleans, LA "Katrina took everything from me. But now you are here to help me get something back, and I thank you for that." Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa Two hundred children ran for me, greeted [...]

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Create a CNN iReport for Your City!

Let's make some waves on CNN by creating and uploading CNN iReport online from Help-Portrait events around the world. Here's how.

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What if I want my picture taken?

We have been receiving a handful of emails from people around the world looking to have their photo taken at a Help-Portrait event. This is awesome. This is awesome because that means that our photographers are getting the word out and people who could benefit from this day are hearing. Here's the thing. We at [...]

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Planning an International Help-Portrait Event

Stanley-Carl du-Pont is an H-P organizer for CODP Help-Portrait in Johannesburg, South Africa. He offers an overview of how they plan their Help-Portrait event and points out that every city and event may approach it differently.

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2 Days Until Help-Portrait 2010!

We are gearing up for an incredible event and are encouraged by two milestones we hit this week.

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Dallas Help-Portrait Interview on ABC

Local Dallas Photographer, Taylor McCabe, who is heading up the Dallas Help-Portrait event on Saturday was interviewed on the local Dallas ABC affiliate this morning talking about Help-Portrait and. With nearly 4 minutes of coverage Taylor was truly able to share the vision and mission of Help-Portrait for the Dallas community and how special it [...]

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