Need Some Inspiration?

//Need Some Inspiration?

Need Some Inspiration?

Need some inspiration as you prepare for this year’s Help-Portrait event? Check out these beautiful quotes following last year’s event:

“It’s like a new beginning,” she said. “It’s going to be a pretty special photo for us.” – Jennifer Clavel, Help-Portrait subject

“This portrait represents where I’m going, not where I’ve been.” – Phillip Jackovich, Help-Portrait subject

“One of the ladies at Help-Portrait today cried the entire time I took her photo. I said, ‘Are those happy tears?’ She said, ‘Yes very happy!’” – Millie Holloman – Help-Portrait Photographer, Wilmington, NY

“Today was the one of the best days I have had as a photographer and as a human being.” – Kwame Reed, Photographer, Brentwood, CA

“Our Help-Portrait event was the most fulfilling experience of my entire life. I’m a 17-year-old senior in High School in Florida, and my teacher and I decided to organize our event at a low-income housing facility in an impoverished part of our town. I have never been more proud or more humbled to be a part of a project so fantastic.” – Rachael Hulme, Fort Pierce, FL

“Thank you. That’s all, just thank you.” – Greg Needham, Key West, FL

“My heart has been moved beyond words because you have put your vision into action and created a global opportunity to serve others through photography.” – Allison Fancher, Lockport, NY

“Words cannot describe.” – Kim Pace, Ronkonkoma, NY

“This experience was undeniably one of the greatest things I have EVER been involved with.” – Mary Downer, Portland, OR

“Today cultural borders were crossed on one side of the camera and competitive borders on the other.” – Jeremy Cowart, Help-Portrait Founder

“Poverty steals a lot of things, like your home and car and food, but it also steals something on the inside. Help-Portrait feeds that something on the inside.” – Annie Downs, Help-Portrait Events Coordinator

“I am the Director of a Homeless Youth Shelter in Las Vegas and we were participants in this year’s event. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. The youth felt like stars for the day and their self esteem increased more than I can explain. They were stars for the day (even though they are stars every day to me). The hair and make-up artists and photographers were just AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much again as words cannot begin to explain how appreciative and fortunate we were to be involved in this event.” – Kelly Robson

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About the Author:

Cara (@carandavis) is the online editor for Help-Portrait and lives in Nashville, TN.

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  1. Jennifer Karon November 17, 2010 at 12:51 AM

    It’s one thing when you are excited about an upcoming vacation or a new car that you are about to purchase, but it’s a TOTALLY different thing when you are excited about giving. The vacation ends, the car gets old, but the feeling you get knowing that you truly touched someone by giving freely just doesn’t fade!

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